Can Malaysia Build their nuclear powerplant?

18 Oct

   Hi there every viewers.Yet we meeet again.This time with a interesting topic.Can Malaysia build their own powerplant?

    Well before we can find a conclusion to that answer we must come up with reason why Malaysia cant build one?

     Malaysia have alot of potential areas that can be used as a spot to build the nuclear powerplant.Sp far there has been 7 spots that has been found to be suitable for building the powerplant

    Other than that Malaysia under Tenaga Nasional Berhad has their own nuclear unit that deals on the research on nuclear.Many experts from Tenaga Nasional Berhad has been sent to various countries such as Japan to learn about nuclear.

    Other than that in Malaysia we have our very own nuclear reactor.A reactor is just another step before building a nuclear powerplant.

     Other than that as the demand of energy continues to increase and the fossil energy begins to decrease Malaysia cant escape from using nuclear energy as other alternative source such as solar and hydroelectric is not efficent enough.

     The only problem that Malaysia will face is the public protest in building a powerplant.But that is not a big matter as the goverment just need to promote constantly nuclear enery like having the Malaysia nuclear confrence yearly.

     So in the conclusion i guess all of you will know that Malaysia is capable of building their own power plant.Remember……Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!!


The public acceptance of nuclear video

16 Oct

Hi there everybody.This is a small video on the public acceptance on nuclear energy in Malaysia.Hope all of you will enjoy this video.thank you



14 Oct

Hie everyone it was a great week for us today as we knew where actually the source of uranium comes for most of the nuclear power plants.  Uranium is a relatively common metal, found in rocks and seawater. The only important commercial use for uranium is as a fuel for nuclear power plants that produce electricity. According to the World Nuclear Association, there are 438 nuclear power plants operating in the world at the end of July 2007 generating about 16% of the world’s electricity requirements. But as what we have learned in Malaysia we don’t have much uranium and there are no any uranium mining side in Malaysia. Most of the supply will be imported for our nuclear power plant. The following Table gives some idea of our present knowledge of uranium resources. The total and several country figures are lower than two years earlier due to economic factors, notably inflation of production costs. It can be seen that Australia has a substantial part (about 31 percent) of the world’s uranium, Kazakhstan 12 percent, and Canada 9 percent.  In the next lowest-cost category, Australia has a much higher proportion (43%).

Known Recoverable Resources of Uranium 2009

tonnes U percentage of world
Australia 1,673,000 31%
Kazakhstan 651,000 12%
Canada 485,000 9%
Russia 480,000 9%
South Africa 295,000 5%
Namibia 284,000 5%
Brazil 279,000 5%
Niger 272,000 5%
USA 207,000 4%
China 171,000 3%
Jordan 112,000 2%
Uzbekistan 111,000 2%
Ukraine 105,000 2%
India 80,000 1.5%
Mongolia 49,000 1%
other 150,000 3%
World total 5,404,000  




Reasonably Assured Resources plus Inferred Resources, to US$ 130/kg U, 1/1/09, from OECD NEA & IAEA, Uranium 2009: Resources, Production and Demand (“Red Book”).

Loji nuklear: Lapan lokasi dikenalpasti

13 Oct

Kerajaan sudah mengenal pasti lapan lokasi di Semenanjung Malaysia untuk membina loji janakuasa nuklear pertama negara yang dijangka beroperasi menjelang tahun 2021.

Ketua Pengarah Agensi Nuklear Malaysia Datuk Dr Daud Mohamad berkata lokasi itu bagaimanapun masih lagi dalam kajian untuk dipilih sebagai lokasi sesuai yang memenuhi kriteria sebelum diumumkan oleh kerajaan.

“Antara kriteria yang mesti ada untuk membina loji janakuasa nuklear ini ialah kita memerlukan kawasan yang berhampiran dengan sumber air, mempunyai struktur tanah yang berbatu keras dan kawasan yang tidak mudah banjir.

“Jika ada penduduk di kawasan yang dipilih itu, mereka harus berpindah manakala kawasan yang sudah dibangunkan pula kita perlu pindahkan tetapi kosnya sangat mahal.

“Apa-apa pun segala keputusan akhir akan dibuat oleh kerajaan dan dijangka ditetapkan dalam tahun 2012,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Simposium Pengurusan Kualiti 2010 di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Mengenai aspek keselamatan loji janakuasa nuklear itu, Daud berkata rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu bimbang kerana pelbagai proses penambahbaikan telah dilakukan mengikut peredaran teknologi pada masa kini.

Menurutnya pihak agensi turut mengadakan pelbagai program untuk menghebahkan maklumat kepada orang ramai mengenai kebaikan dan keburukan pembinaan loji janakuasa itu.

Beliau berkata semua pihak termasuk Badan-badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO), ahli politik termasuk pembangkang, dan pihak swasta bolh memberi pandangan mengenai pembinaan pusat janakuasa itu.

“Kita perlukan maklum balas daripada mereka, jadi adalah penting untuk mereka tahu mengenainya (loji janakuasa nuklear) sebelum keputusan dibuat,” katanya.

Mengenai simposium itu, Daud berkata ia menyentuh tentang budaya kualiti dan pengurusan pengetahuan, penanda aras kualiti dan penjenamaan, perkhidmatan pelanggan, standard dan akreditasi, pengurusan kualiti menyeluruh, penambahbaikan kualiti berterusan dan persaingan pasaran.

Seramai 120 peserta dari agensi-agensi kerajaan, NGO dan swasta menghadiri simposium dua hari itu.

– Bernama

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

12 Oct

Hi everyone……

Today Mr Azrudi explained to us the about the NUclear Fuel Cycle in our lecture. Basically the uranium can explore in nature, it is an abundant source of concentrated energy. It is mostly It is as common in the Earth’s crust as tin,tungsten and molybdenum and also can be found in sea water. Its most stable isotope, Uranium 238 (92 protons + 146 neutrons), has a half-life of about4.5 billion years, or the age of the Earth. So, can you imagine only 50% of uranium decay since the beginning of our earth. We can say that this source will be with us for a very long time or at least can cover until next 4.5 billion years….P


Nuclear Test

12 Oct

Hi again everybody.Welcome to the blog again.1st i would like to send my apology to all the viewers of this blog for the late update because of the Nuclear test.

Guess what it is a record breaking day for all 3 of us.2 records has been broke.1st is the longest test we have ever sat in UNITEN(4 Hours test!!!!!) and next the most marks accumulated for a paer exam(110 for part 1 and 146 marks for part 2).Proud to say we have broke the record.

Well the test is not so tough as most of of the questions the answers were from the notes.Thank god.After the test we are able to learn and understand more about our level or understanding in nuclear.As nuclear ambassador we must score as high marks as possible for this test to gain trust from everyone that we are on the right path of promoting nuclear energy in Malaysia.That is all from now.See all of you guys in our next post

Nuclear Energy TALK

9 Oct

Hi frens………….here i am back to update my blog today.  Today we had a great talk on Nuclear by  Mr Azrudi Mustapa and Mrs Sheriffah Noor Khamseah Al-Idid. Mr Azrudi comes from Nuclear Unit team from tnb who specialise in setting up the first nuclear power plant in Malaysia. As for Mrs Sheriffah she comes from Nuclear Malaysia where their the research body in Malaysia doing research on Nuclear in Malaysia. The talk was very interesting as both speakers were talking about the current nuclear technology which is in the world and its importance.

Listening from the speakers i get to know that country like France generate 77% of electricity from nuclear power followed by Belgium 54% and Sweden at 46%. So far there are 30 countries in the world that generate electricity using nuclear power plant. There are many countries have applied and planning to build power plant using nuclear as the price of fossil fuel getting more costly in the world market. Plus generating nuclear power is more cheaply compared to using fossil fuel. Nuclear fuel also could last more than 3000 years compared with fossil fuel just lasting another 100 years.

I also was very interested when Mr Azudi talked about the global temperature and CO2 emission in the world currently. As what we could even feel the weather is getting hotter by day and we all don’t care about it at all the climate change.

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