As world’s economy crisis falls on, with prices of fuel escalating drastically and this lead to the volatile price of generating electricity. In year 2008, it was a great setback for TNB when the gas and coal prices shot through the roof. The volatile price of those commodities has raised concerns over Malaysia’s ability to secure enough fuel supply that would also to keep electricity prices at a reasonable level. Besides, with current drastic world’s climate change due to enormous emitted greenhouse gasses is another concern for the country to take into account for finding the greener and alternative energy. Currently, half of Malaysia’s power plants run on gas. Other sources include coal and hydropower. The best solution for Malaysia is to embark in introducing Nuclear Technology in the country by constructing a Nuclear Power Plant. There have been many proven Nuclear Power Plant which has been constructed all over the world, so which would be the best to be chosen to be constructed in Malaysia. In this blog we would like to promote nuclear as the best option in generating power in the country.


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