26 Oct

Hi guys it is almost the ending of the semester, here today I would like to tell more about the knowledge we gain all this while. At first as student I was very interested in knowing more about nuclear in Malaysia.  This opportunity came by when UNITEN introduced the subject called Introduction to Nuclear Technology (MEHB513) . After 4 longs months studying about the types of nuclear where its located all over the world and its important towards the country have made up our mind that generating using nuclear power for electricity is so much greener compared to other means of fuel. The lectures who have taught us for this Mr AZLAN, Mr Azrudi, Mr Syamsul have been very beneficial as there have the right knowledge about nuclear development in Malaysia. As for Mr Azrudi and Mr Syamsul both of them are attached with the Nuclear Unit of TNB. This team is responsible in studying the feasibility of building a nuclear power plant in Malaysia and gives the public the knowledge on the safety aspects too. Not forgetting out beloved coordinator Mr Syukri who has been a very kind person in handling the course, while fasting months providing us food to break the fast. He also been in charge of providing us information’s about the latest plans and scheduled which need to be done and finished.

As what we see from the comments we are getting lately, the number of comments keep growing and this made us more active in updating the blog too. As most of our group members are first time bloggers we had some problems to at the initial stage in handling this blog but this has given us a good experience in give feedback to the comments. Thanks to all the public who are very interested in the country Nuclear program. So continue to give your comments as we will be updating this blog after our semester endssss toooo.





2 Responses to “COURSE SUMMARY”

  1. ahmed October 26, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    the Malaysian government should start the educating program about the nuclear power to give the public the knowledge on the safety aspects. AS i did know more about the nuclear power from these blog-spots and im not taking this subject but all the thanks come to Mr. Syukri who gave us the way to know more about the nuclear power and now i have become more interested on it. and now i think Malaysia is going on the right way on the nuclear power program. so lets make it faster.
    ahmed mohamed al gouda

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