20 Oct

hie everyone thanks for your support towards our Nuclear Blog it seems to be getting overwhelming support from the public. Today i will be going in to another great topic about nuclear safety and how the reactor building of a nuclear power plant is protected. In a typical Nuclear Reactor building we have the five walls of protection. Most of this plant are build very rigid to withstand earthquake , natural disaster and even terrorist attacks . We the this kind of extra protection provided by the Nuclear plant we can say it’s more safe compared to the other buildings.

To achieve optimum safety, nuclear plants in the western world operate using a ‘defense-in-depth’ approach, with multiple safety systems supplementing the natural features of the reactor core. Key aspects of the approach are:

  • high-quality design & construction,
  • equipment which prevents operational disturbances or human failures and errors developing into problems,
  • comprehensive monitoring and regular testing to detect equipment or operator failures,
  • redundant and diverse systems to control damage to the fuel and prevent significant radioactive releases,
  • provision to confine the effects of severe fuel damage (or any other problem) to the plant itself.

Now lets us compare the accidents which happens in other source of energy compared to NUuclear . Three simple sets of figures are quoted in the Tables below.

Fuel Immediate fatalities
Who? Normalised to deaths
per TWy* electricity
Coal 6400 workers 342
Natural gas 1200 workers & public 85
Hydro 4000 public 883
Nuclear 31 workers 8

Sources: Sources: Ball, Roberts & Simpson, 1994; Hirschberg et al, Paul Scherrer Institut 1996, in: IAEA 1997; Paul Scherrer Institut, 2001.


2 Responses to “REACTOR SAFTEY”

  1. OGK October 26, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    The nuclear rector produces more energy thus if we times affecting more lifes.Besides that the life’s lost does that include while buiding time??

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